Breakout groups— split participants into smaller groups

The linkchat team has developed a breakout groups function for you. Now the moderator can split up participants of the video conference into any number of autonomous groups.

This feature is available in the beta version. You can start using the function right now by contacting our support.

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When the breakout groups can be useful

1. Online lessons
During the lesson, students can always work on a task independently. To do this, the teacher can divide all participants into groups. Then all students can work independently on the task, and the moderator has the opportunity to support each group. While students work on task in breakout group, they can always click on the hand symbol and ask the teacher for assistance. The teacher can change the group at any time and communicate with the group.

2. Workshops
Working on the practical assignments in groups and further discussion with the teacher will help students understand the topic better.

3. Online quizzes, contests, games.
The participating teams discuss the answers to the questions within the groups, after which the moderator takes turns giving each team the floor.

4. Events on online networking and exchange of experience.

How to set up the breakout function

The division into groups function is available in the "Audience" mode. You can enable it in the settings of the online room. In this case, the moderator will be able to manage the groups.

1) To activate the mode, log in to your admin portal: In the room settings, select the room type “Moderation". Here it is also necessary to set the PIN by which the moderator will enter the room.

2) After activating the "Moderation" mode, open the online room using the link. Next, you need to choose: enter as a moderator or a guest. Click on the "Moderator" button and enter the PIN. Now you can use the "Breakout groups" function.

3) Click on the three dots at the top on the right side of the screen and select "Breakout groups" from the menu.

4) The panel opens — here you can configure the number of groups and assign the participants to the groups.

The system can assign the participants automatically, to do this, click on the button "Mix". If you want to assign the attendees manually, click on the name and select a group.

5) Click the "Start" button.
When the participants have been assigned, click on "Start". The participants are now divided into groups and working in breakout groups is activated. In order to change to the appropriate group, each participant has to confirm his / her participation by clicking on "Ok" in the pop-up.

Manage the process

In the group, participants automatically receive the rights of a speaker. They work indepHowever, the moderator can always look at the list of users and, if necessary, switch to the group, mute participants or assign them to another group or even kick them out of the class. After the end of the breakout session, the speaker rights are automatically deactivated for all participants.

The work in a group is visually shown to a user: An orange frame with the name of the group is displayed around the window.

If you want to move a participant to a different group after the breakout session has been started, you can do so simply by calling the "Breakout" panel.

To stop the breakout session, call the the "Breakout " panel and click “Stop”.

If you want to use this function, please let us know using the form. We will activate the function for you and will be happy to advise you on this topic.

Breakout groups request