Live streaming on YouTube with linkchat

YouTube live streams are possible via webcammobile device or external tools. Webcam and mobile devices are ideal for beginners who want to get started straight away with the YouTube studio without much preparation. However, there are some restrictions on live streaming from the YouTube studio. For example, you can stream from your smartphone or tablet only, if your channel have at least 1,000 subscribers. It is also not possible to share screen content or invite a guest with the YouTube studio.

External tools can help at this point. linkchat web clients are particularly suitable for live streams in which you want to invite other participants to an interview or conversation.

However, before you start a live stream on YouTube, you need to do some preparation:

If you are successfully registered with YourTube and your channel is confirmed, you can start the livestream.

To connect a linkchat room to your YouTube channel, proceed as follows:

1. Copy the youtube stream key

Öffnen Sie youtube und klicken Sie oben rechts auf das Kamera-Symbol. Wählen Sie dann aus dem erscheinenden Menü "Livestream starten" aus.

Open youtube and click the camera symbol in the top right corner. Then select "Go live" from the menu that appears.

Switch to the stream viewand copy the stream key

2. Connect the linkchat room to your YouTube channel

Log in to the linkchat administration portal

Click on the three dots (top right) on the map of the desired room and then on the link Live-Streaming. Then click on the plus button and select YouTube.

Enter the copied stream key in the form and click Add.

Save the settings and you can start immediately.

3. Start streaming

To start streaming, just open thelinkchat room, click on the streaming symbol and select the format: audio + video or audio + screen

Please first perform a test before the live stream to make sure that all of the settings you have made work without any problems.

Familiarize yourself with all the functions you need!

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