Your webinars in the browser. Hold meetings and seminars for a large audience. Online training, meetings, presentations. Broadcasts in HD quality.

High-level webinars

Without installation
Webinare funktionieren im Browser auf allen Geräten. Es ist bequem, Teilnehmer einzuladen
High quality
Broadcast in HD format. High-quality video and audio
Interactive webinar
Turn on the microphone and camera to any of the invited participants
Convenient tools
Recording, screen demonstration online, chat. Everything you need for a webinar

Special offer for new users of WEBINAR

When buying an online webinar room for 150 participants, we give you three linkchat BASIC rooms or a linkchat BUSINESS room for 20 participants.

How does WEBINAR work?

Create a guest link with the date, time, and expiration date of the webinar
Send the link to the participants. They will only be able to use the link at the appointed time
Get started
Enter the room using the moderator's PIN and start the broadcast by clicking on the LIVE button
Turn on the recording and screen sharing. Chat, share files
The moderator can transfer the rights of the speaker to any of the participants
Your webinar was a success!
At the end of the webinar, stop the broadcast and save the recording

Try out the tools

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"Experimental Technical School" teaches children programming, 3d modeling, robotics. Before the pandemic, we did not practice distance learning, but thanks to the capabilities of the linkchat service, we were able to quickly adapt to new conditions. When choosing a platform, the key requirements were technical capabilities, a clear interface, the presence of a Russian-language version, as well as the company's presence in Russia. The service turned out to be convenient because there is no need to install an application on a PC — the entrance to the online rooms takes place via a link. Teachers, children and parents appreciated the functionality. The positive experience of online classes allowed us to use linkchat to hold a large-scale festival "ROBOART 2021", which lasted a week and included contests, exhibitions, competitions, Olympiads and other events. Thanks to the online format, children from the most remote cities and even other countries were able to participate in the festival. We also want to note the high-quality feedback, responsiveness and high speed of response to our requests from the service team. We plan to further develop distance learning — we consider online education to be very promising“.

Alexey Fedotov, Director of the Experimental Technical School

"I create videos for companies from all over Germany. We used to communicate with clients over the phone, but now we use linkchat. This helps inspire our customers, because we can show them the main process of our work! And it is very convenient that the video conference can be opened via the link. The service works in all popular browsers"

Petra Perry, Founder of Clevervideo

"VITAMINP stands for creative productivity. Creative work requires not only a sheet of paper and a pencil, but often a well-coordinated team work. In search of the best tool for quick communication and collaborative interaction, I finally found linkchat"

Christopher Henke, Founder of VITAMINP

“Our school has been in operation for over 10 years. We teach children in all subjects in the curriculum from grades 1 to 11, help them prepare for exams and run preparatory courses for preschoolers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we switched to online teaching and organized this process with linkchat. The advantage of the service is that it works in a browser, so our teachers and students didn't have to waste time installing separate software. The platform is practical, there are no connection problems even for first graders. After the quarantine measures were relaxed, we decided to continue the practice of online education. Now children from all over the country can learn with us "

Svetlana Petrjaeva, Head of the Center for Individual Learning "School Pifagorum"